Breakdown cover. AA, RAC, GREENFLAG, ??????????


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Glad you are sorted but if you are members of the CCC did you check the RAC Arrival deal, only available to members.
Very good cover and recovery programme from 28 countries. Total value for money👍
We are members but they wanted £180.00 for same cover the AA gave us as below, UK only, this is for MH plus our car, thanks for the thought though

Your level of cover:​
Roadside Assistance£126.49
At Home£81.50
National Recovery£79.60
Total membership cost:​


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I went for the RAC arrival via the ccc because it doesn’t matter the size of the van or weight of the van so ideal for me as I’m 9 meters and 5 ton. It covers our cars and any vehicle we are travelling in as passengers with the same cover. Had to use it last month as Ken said invaluable took me from Lincolnshire straight home to Glasgow in one straight hop RAC farmed the recovery job out to a local independent who I managed to talk into getting me home in one go without the relay rubbish gave the driver a bung for his help. Hate to think how much it would have cost without breakdown cover. Glad your sorted and the price looks good too think I’m about £300.


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I too am with Arrival (RAC) via the C&CC. £306 last month. So no rise in cost for about 4 years. Talked them down from £360. We have been with them for years. European cover etc, but the bonus for me is that all of the family are covered (inc Europe) in any vehicle they are in. So that equates to £60 per person. Having the wife and 2 daughters covered gives a bit of peace of mind for when they are out on a winter night and perhaps get a puncture etc.
As someone once said, “you only need to be towed off a motorway once to make it worth while”
Not had to use them for Motorhome issues, car call outs have been dealt with albeit with time lags depending on demand for the patrols time.



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Glad you are sorted but if you are members of the CCC did you check the RAC Arrival deal, only available to members.
Very good cover and recovery programme from 28 countries. Total value for money👍
Been with them for years, bit expensive but I like that they cover me whatever I'm driving, van or car, so no need for two policies, and it's got my kids' cars out of bother a few times as well.


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For anyone looking at the Nationwide option, they are offering a £125 incentive to switch your account just now. As has been said it is not a requirement to swap your account merely pay the £13 or so each month account charge. This gives you personal cover for breakdown and worldwide travel insurance .


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