Broken heater pipe


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Our Knauss Boxstar conversion has, well had, a c 3" diameter corrugated pipe for hot air running under the van and through the waste tank, where it coupled with a narrower diameter pipe run through the tank and then up into the van. Something seems to have hit and broken this, so we now have one broken end and a hole at the waste tank end where we have lost the pipe and fitting. The fitting looks tricky to replace as it joins different diameter pipes and has to fit in the waste tank hole. Was going to ask my local (ish) repair place about this but thought I would post it here first for any comments as people have been very helpful in the past.
Thanks, Ianimage1.jpegimage1.jpegIMG_5114.jpg


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Does the heater pipe connect to tank to provide heat to stop it freezing ?

If so is it a tank within a box ? ( aah on second reading of post no its plumbed into the tank and this is what has sheared off ! )

Looks like the end of the duct has been dragging on the floor so perhaps the connector just snapped and the duct dropped down to be in contact with the road ?


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Yes, it stops it freezing if the heating is just converts down to a more narrow diameter plastic pipe running through the waste tank. I guess you may be right that the connector snapped or came undone and then the pipe dragged along the road

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