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Hi all, I’ve recently developed an issue with my leisure battery/charge controller.

My system currently uses the Ring RSCDC30 smart charger. We’ve had the system in place for about 2 years now and never had any issues with it before. We have a 295w solar panel connected to ring charger and it is also connected b2b to the van battery.

We are currently travelling in the French alps and had quite a bad storm 2 nights ago, since the storm (coincidence or not I’m not sure) the system has been playing up. The Ring charger giving the E0 error code and our JKF50 fridge/freezer giving the F1 error (low input voltage). We keep having voltage drops causing these errors.

I have a 50a breaker between the ring unit & the leisure battery which had tripped the night of the storm, since then it intermittently trips (I think when we are driving). Admittedly I don’t have a breaker between the van battery and the ring unit, could the storm have damaged the ring unit?

I have now set the ring smart charger to have its solar priority set to on and since doing so there have been no voltage drops and our leisure battery is charging.

What would cause the voltage drops to happen when the solar priority is off?

Is it a case that the b2b charge function in the ring unit has failed?

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated!


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