Craft skills meet


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It was suggested recently that, as there are so many talented crafters amongst our members, we should organise a meet specifically for 'show and tell' with the opportunity to share ideas and learn new skills.

At the moment I am knitting squares for Nimmo's blankets, making a knitted throw and sewing bunting for a party. I also make greeting cards and other paper crafts. Lee enjoys painting mainly land and sea scapes.

Is anyone interested (subject to venue and date)????


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Hi Linda, any chance of a late September early October meet? That would fill a gap in the rallies calendar, as for a venue we would need somewhere with a hall, or cafe we could use,
Just thinking out loud,
Moffat green frog, congleton glebe farm (bit rustic),
Hereford rowing club,
Whitewall &reepham railway ?
Depending how many vans we get, or a large gazebo/marquee


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Dates we are thinking of are last 2 weekends in September or 19th Oct.
Been thinking about possible venues - the scout centre near Oxford would be ideal as we can use the building. It’s somewhere we know well as both our son and daughter are Leaders there.