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Dirty filthy basteward. Don’t think I should get involved in how or where you should empty a cassette after my escapade at Henley last year.I've only got one rule don’t do it when you’re rat arsed. But I’ve been carrying a spare toilet cassette since I started motorhoming works well most of the time😂 as for Annie burning jobbies in the fire I’m usually the last man standing and Annie beets me every time never smelled a thing cos I’m to pissed just the green and blue flames when her turd catches fire😜

Since Annie asked, human waste is classified as a hazardous material by the HSE unless dealt with in a proper and controlled manner. Disposal of a carrier bag and cassette contents into a bin that has to be emptied manually would not be a proper and controlled manner, particularly as the operatives would not normally use face masks as required at a sewage works. As such it would constitute fly tipping and this is the current fine level..............

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence punishable by a fine of up to £50,000 or 12 months imprisonment if convicted in a Magistrates' Court. The offence can attract an unlimited fine and up to 5 years imprisonment if convicted in a Crown Court.25 Jun 2018
I get it but theses councils can’t get on top of fly tipping they really are not going to waste resources by chasing one person for a few litres of regurgitated human waste.
I love a good shit thread but trust me this is not a good one.😂😂


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and of course it must be worse than council workers manually emptying doggie bins 🤔


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So when you changed a baby’s nappy or cleaned up your dads poo surely you had the sense to make the bag safe and secure if not into another scented nappy bag or scented doggy bag


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Is it classed as fly tipping because when you put the bag in the bin you tip a load of flies in with it?:unsure:


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Ask the care homes - I had to pass the bins to get into the care home and it stunk and most folk wore adult nappies- straight into a normal bin - get real folks we are probably more careful than that.

So the guy was a prat for getting caught but

We are in winter - not many campsites open

He could have done better

I prefer not to dig up the habitat or spread chemicals cos there are so many campers out there doing that - if it’s in a tip with biodegradable bags then it becomes fertiliser eventually

The top of scarfell pike is littered with open poo, wee and ashes. The parks now issue poo bags. USA parks insist on poo bags so you don’t leave anything in the environment- it’s not new


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can we use the police for better things than this - err excuse me miss we have reports you’ve put a bag of poo in the bin.

Sorry ocifer I’ve had chilli

I just wear "adult pampers" saves getting out of the drivers seat
Very useful when driving in ? Choose your destination/dangerous road !
Reminds me of the Billy Connolly sketch -

Dirty filthy basteward. Don’t think I should get involved in how or where you should empty a cassette after my escapade at Henley last year.I've only got one rule don’t do it when you’re rat arsed. But I’ve been carrying a spare toilet cassette since I started motorhoming works well most of the time😂 as for Annie burning jobbies in the fire I’m usually the last man standing and Annie beets me every time never smelled a thing cos I’m to pissed just the green and blue flames when her turd catches fire😜
That’s all that copper sulphate I eat as part of my calorie counting 😂😂
Revolting behaviour that unfortunately is rather commonplace it would seem, I've personally never seen that done but I suppose it's only a matter of time before I do, I dont see a problem with non bio in the lo and if no other choice digging a hole and burying it as long as it's a remote place or something but what this chap has done is beyond ignorance and yes as anyone who knows me in the club will tell you I would have to speak to the chap if only to point out that what he was doing was a health risk and was totally unacceptable. At the end of the day we're all motorhomers and we are all under the same spotlight as this idiot, if we all acted like this I'm pretty sure we would be just as hated as the gypsys or travellers or whatever they get called now. Ps I for some reason hate people emptying their waste water over car parks when there's probably a drain they could sit over, just laziness. Anyhoo how's all my motorhome buddy's today ? Al good I hope.

All good here Jim. Stoves on, dug has front place, awaiting better weather. Cheers.

Oh Dear !
The motorhome police/mafia are wound up
Calm down and read this post from Dee #52 and others by her.
The guy was wrong but who knows how good his bag was.
To follow up Dee's post...
How many baby nappies and old persons nappies get deposited (Correctly) in the household/ commercial (Care homes) rubbish collection system.
Can we (or not) assume the Recycling company know what they are doing (or should I say doings)
Some might be not convinced by Campervanannies solution

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