Fiat Ducato Heater Matrix


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My 4.5T Dethleffs Esprit on a 3 litre manual Ducato chassis has just returned an average of 29.3 mpg over a 5,300 Scandinavian tour over six weeks. On the last day, just short of Calais Eurotunnel it dumped all of its coolant! With only 21k on the clock the Heater Matrix has failed. The replacement plus labour will be in the region of £1,000. The vehicle is not three years old and if it had been a Fiat Ducato Van, the work would have been within warranty. Why are conversions only given a 2 year warranty!


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That's gotta be upsetting. Our Autocruise panel van conversion, which is just coming up to 3 years old has a 3 year Fiat warranty but can't remember if I had to register it with Fiat to get the 3rd year. Could well be different for a proper conversion such as yours lol.
When it's getting closer to the expiry of the warranty I'll take out Warranty Direct cover which I've done on every car I've owned for the past 15 years & tbh I've never had any problems with getting claims settled contrary to what you read on some Internet sites.

Modern cars/vans can be expensive to fix for what used to a relatively minor fault! Progress lol


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