[FULL] Christmas Party Hereford December 9th-14th 2021

[FULL] Christmas Party Hereford December 9th-14th 2021
Posted by Lee
Hereford Rowing Club
Thursday, December 9, 2021 - 12:00 PM
Until: Tuesday, December 14, 2021 - 01:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Europe/London)

Upcoming dates
All times have been adjusted for the timezone: Europe/London

Start: Thursday, December 9, 2021 - 12:00 PM
End: Tuesday, December 14, 2021 - 01:00 PM


Rally Organiser


We are very aware of the changes with the covid situation and will be monitoring it as it developes.

We don't intend to change anything unless there are any developements issued from the government.

This rally is full, there is a reserves list.​

Christmas Party Hereford December 9th-14th 2021

If you are not happy to park on the grass even if it is muddy then please DO NOT book

I would like to ask you all to provide the following information (if you have not already done so)

  1. What day are you arriving (Thurs, Fri, Sat)?
  2. How many nights are you staying (1,2,3,4,5)?
  3. Are you having a curry (£7.50) on Friday night? If so how many people?
  4. Are you having breakfasts (£6.50) on Saturday and/or Sunday morning? If so how many people?
  5. How many tickets do you need for the main party night? (one per adult 16 or over in your party)
  6. If you are having the Christmas dinner on Sunday what food do you want to book?

(please inform us of any dietary requirements/allergies before the event)


Christmas Party Saturday Night

£15 per person (16 and over)

Bar opens at 6pm
Entertainment from 7pm

Includes buffet from 8 pm (members will be required to wear a mask whilst selecting their food.)

Entertainment from Pixie Spirit (Faith McMillan):
Singing, Karaoke, Music DJ

Voluntary Fancy Christmas Dress (even if just a Christmas Jumper)


Curry on Friday night £7.50

Christmas dinner on Sunday Served at 5.30 pm

£20 for a three-course Christmas dinner. Must be pre-booked.


1 Carrot and coriander soup with bread
2 Pate with bread
3 Breaded brie with sweet chilli dip
Main course:

Turkey or pork (or half and half)
Homemade nut roast

with carvery style vegetables. (members will be required to wear a mask whilst selecting their food)


1 Christmas pudding
2 Salted Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake
3 Festive Crumble

All served with custard, cream or ice cream.

Or a bowl of ice cream

Buffet breakfasts

Saturday and Sunday 8.30 am-11.30 am - £6.50.

All the above is being provided by the rowing club.

8pm Sunday Evening Quiz

Quiz night.


Hereford is a lovely city with plenty of amenities including the cathedral, with the Mappa Mundi and beautiful gardens. River walks, cider museum and many more historic places to visit.

Dates and price

It will run from midday on Thursday 9th December until midday Tuesday 14th December 2021.

£10 per night.

Pitches 50 MAX

We will be parked on the large field to the right which is grass.
Showers and toilets are available in the Club House. Fresh water, black water disposal, rubbish disposal are available; grey water can be released on grass.
Generators may be used, if you intend to use one please inform a steward on arrival.
There is no electric hook up.

How to pay

IMPORTANT - On arrival please have the correct money (food and camping) in an envelope with your username, the number of nights and your registration number on the front of the envelope,

The Venue Coordinnates
Hereford Rowing Club
37 Greyfriars Avsnue
52.051847, -2.722726
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Rally Organiser

The List

  1. Lee & Linda 2x tickets
  2. Phil 1x ticket
  3. Bruce Lauderdale 1x ticket
  4. Trotter 2x tickets
  5. St3v3 2x tickets
  6. Hayhiker 1x ticket
  7. Squirrellcook 2x tickets
  8. Moonshadow 2x tickets
  9. Alwaysared 2x tickets
  10. Old Man Down 2x tickets
  11. Marymary 1x ticket
  12. Andromeda 1x ticket
  13. PaulHelenWilko 2x tickets
  14. Calianbay 2x tickets
  15. Exwindsurfer 2x tickets
  16. Colour me gone 20 1x ticket
  17. The thousand sunsets 2x tickets
  18. Bouydog 2x tickets
  19. Rugbyken 2x tickets
  20. Minisorella 2x tickets
  21. Tim120 1x ticket
  22. Greengrass 2x tickets
  23. Roadroamer 2x tickets
  24. Allen 1x ticket
  25. Helsque 1x ticket
  26. Salvage1 2x tickets
  27. Caz 1x ticket
  28. RickBeechwood 2x tickets
  29. StreetSleeper 2x Tickets
  30. Phil vanlife 1x ticket
  31. Fijit 2x tickets
  32. Paul Barker 1x ticket
  33. Archiemutt 2x tickets
  34. RV12 FUN 2x tickets
  35. DaveAdele 2x tickets
  36. Undertaker 2x tickets
  37. Benylin 2x tickets
  38. SIFTA x 2 tickets
  39. Peter51 x 1 ticket
  40. Bongobaz x 2 tickets
  41. Stuart8217 x 2 tickets
  42. LifeBeyondBricks x 2 tickets
  43. Dulvil x 2 tickets
  44. Nomad-Notmad x 2 tickets
  45. Themusgroves 2 x tickets
  46. Lknight + Meduck 2 x tickets
  47. Rayphotoman 2 x tickets
  48. Bazer
  49. The Ghost
  50. Johnnyboy

Reserves List
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Yes please, all nights for me and Diane

1 x Pate with bread
1 x Carrot and coriander soup with bread
1 x Turkey
1 x half and half
1 x Christmas Pudding with custard
1 x Christmas Pudding with cream

Del and Diane
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Rally Organiser

Linda and I would like
2 x Breaded Brie
1 x Turkey
1 x Pork
2 x Festive crumble.
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Hi Phil
Arriving Thursday for 4 nights
2 x party tickets
2 x curries
2 x Xmas dinners:-
1 x soup
1 x breaded brie
1 x turkey
1 x half &half
1 x Xmas pud & custard
1 x festive crumble& ice cream
Cheers Chris and Jeff
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Ten Thousand Sunsets

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Hi Phil

All 5 nights please

Food :
2 soups
2 half and half Christmas Dinners
2 salted Caramel cheese cakes.

Thank you Dave & Jeanette
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My owners update Lee,
Xmas party Saturday x 2
Xmas Dinner Sunday
Anita.... Brie, half and half, Xmas pudding with cream.
Mark.... Brie, half and half, Salted Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake with Cream.

Saturday and Sunday Breakfasts x 2
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