[FULL] Southern New Year Rally 2019 - 28th December 2019 to 2nd January 2020

[FULL] Southern New Year Rally 2019 - 28th December 2019 to 2nd January 2020
Posted by Geeky Philip
Hereford Rowing Club
Saturday, December 28, 2019 - 12:00 PM
Until: Thursday, January 2, 2020 - 01:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Europe/London)

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Geeky Philip



I am pleased to announce the Southern New Year Rally 2019.

The Venue

Once again we'll be meeting at the Hereford Rowing Club for The New Year Rally and New Years Eve House Party.

Hereford Rowing Club
37 Greyfriars Avenue

The coordinates are 52.051847,-2.722726

The Party

The main event will be on New Year's Eve with a buffet meal, bar, music and dancing until 2 am. Dress code will be fancy dress (no theme) or dress fancy... your choice and optional of course.

The reason that we call the New Years Eve party a "House Party" is because it will be held in more than one room at the rowing club. There will be seating for around 50 people in the main suite then we will be using the seating and tabled areas around the bar. The music will be professional party mp3 mixes played in the bar area and there will also be some disco lighting. This will ensure that there are places for people to sit and chat and a place to boogie on down.

We are having a catered buffet that will include the usual party favourites and some hot treats. This will be available in the main suite from 8 pm - 11 pm. To make the buffet feasible on New Year's Eve we have had to guarantee the number of people that are to be catered for. This means that the buffet is included in the per person price and is not optional.

Other Entertainment

On the night of the 29th, we will be having an ice breaker night in the rowing club. RoaminRog will be our Master of Ceremonies for the evening and there will be an optional baked potato buffet at the cost of £5.00 per head at 6pm. It would be nice for all members to attend.

On the night of the 30th, we will be having a free to enter, fun, pub-style quiz with a mystery prize for the winning team. This will be hosted by our very own MC RoaminRog.

We are not going to provide firewood at this meet as a big fire most likely won't work. You can, however, bring your own firepit and wood (you must not burn the grass).

You will be welcomed in the Rowing Club bar each evening except for the night of 28th when it will be closed for a private party.

Tea bar

On 29th - 1st there will be an opportunity to meet together for complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits in the clubhouse between 1 pm - 3 pm.


The rowing club is happy to serve a full buffet breakfast on the 30th and the 31st (9am - 11am), plus brunch on New Year's Day (11am - 1pm) at a cost of £6.50 per meal, including children. The breakfast includes unlimited tea, coffee, fruit juices, a selection of cereals, toast and your usual full English breakfast favourites. They've asked for these to be pre-booked and paid in advance.


Aside from our party, Hereford is a lovely old market town with lots of bars, pubs and restaurants, so there'll be plenty to do. The town is an easy walk away and should be dressed in its Christmas/New Year finery.

Dates and Prices

The event will run for 5 nights, from midday on Saturday 28th December 2019 until Thursday 2nd January 2020.

The cost of this event will be £8 per night (with a minimum of 3 nights), plus the compulsory £15 per person to cover the costs of the venue, buffet and the tea bar (no charge for children). There is an additional £8 per van charge for those wishing to camp on the car park.


Car Park

Due to the car parking places being rented the rowing club has asked for an additional £8 per van (regardless of nights) for those who want to park on the car park. The additional fee is to cover the costs of paying for alternative car parking. There are 20 pitches on the car park. Each van will have two parking bays. Car park use is for a minimum of 3 nights and a maximum of 4 nights in the car park - if you pay for 5 nights you will have to park on the grass for the last night. All vans must be off the car park before 2nd January. Please state that you want to be in the car park when booking. These pitches will be allocated to members with mobility issues first then to the other members in the order that they booked.

Hard Standing

The hard standing as you enter on the left will be reserved for people with mobility issues. This is really for members who use a wheelchair or always need the use of a mobility scooter. You must state that you require a disabled space when booking and they will be allocated on a needs basis. If there are any spaces left then they will be allocated to heavy vans 4500Kg and above.

Grass Pitches

We will then be parking members on the grass camping fields. We do not know what the weather will be like so I can only say that we will do our best to accommodate everyone. This is a Winter meet and these pitches are on grass. If you are worried about mud then this may not be a good meet for you to attend.

Spaces are limited to 50 vans.

Important Information

Pitch fees, per person fees and breakfast bookings must be paid for in full before 1st December. Anyone who has not paid will be removed from the list on 1st December.

Refunds will only be given if you cancel before 14 days of the start of the meet or if a reserve is prepared to take your place.

There are no hookups at this venue.

Generators can be used at this rally within our guidelines. link to terms

I am running this meet and any questions should be directed to me.

Do let us know if you have any special dietary requirements or allergies.

We will have 5 reserve places.

How To Book

Please reply to this thread stating:
  1. How many nights you would like to attend
  2. How many adults are in your party
  3. How many breakfasts you want to book and on which days

How To Pay

You will need to pay via Paypal, bank transfer or cash.

I will be collecting the money and passing it on to the venue. The money will not be collected by Motothomer Ltd. This way our members will not have to pay additional transaction fees.

If you want to pay with cash then you must give me the money before 1st December.

If you want to pay via bank transfer please contact me for my bank details.

PayPal payments can be paid via this link: PAYPAL LINK
Please make sure that you DO NOT tick the box that says "Paying for goods and services". If you do then I will reject the payment.
Before submitting the payment, click "Add note" and enter your forum username.
Make sure that you post in this thread stating how many nights, how many adults and how many breakfasts you want to book.

The Team

Due to other comminments, Lee and Linda are not running the rally this year so I will be running the rally with help of a great team of people. RoaminRog will be our host and will also be handling our meet and greet.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you there.

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Geeky Philip


The List

  1. Admin (5 nights - breakfasts 30 x 3 - 31 x 3 brunch 1 x 3 - ice breaker meal x 3)
  2. RoaminRog (5 nights - Breakfast x 2 30-31. Brunch 1 x 2 - Icebreaker Meal x2) (By Entrance) PAID £119.00
  3. Campervanannie (1 adult - 5 nights - 1 icebreaker - breakfast 30th 31st, brunch 1st ) (HS) PAID £79.50
  4. SquirrellCook (2 adults - 4 nights - 2 icebreakers - breakfast 2 x 31st, 2 x 1st) (HS) PAID £106.00
  5. 4x4 man (5 nights No Breakfasts, 2 x Icebreakers) (HS) PAID £80.00
  6. St3v3 (5 nights 2 Adults 1 child - 6 breakfasts, 3 Icebreakers.) (HS) PAID £124
  7. Minisorella - Car Park Requested (5 nights) PAID £119.00
  8. Timberman - Car Park Requested (5 nights o Breakfasts, 2 x Icebreakers) PAID £80.00
  9. Alwaysared - Car Park Requested (5nights,-2 Adults 2 Icebreakers 2 Brunch) PAID £93
  10. Horace - Car Park Requested (5 nights - 2 Adults - No Breakfasts, 2 x Icebreakers, 2x brunch) PAID £93.00
  11. Paulhekenwilko - Car Park Requested (3 nights - 2 adults - 2 brunch) PAID £75
  12. andromeda (5nights - ice breaker - brunch ) PAID £55.00
  13. joncanton (3 nights - 2 adults with 2 x brekky (31st) and 2 x brunch on the 1st.) PAID £93.00
  14. Elfish (5 nights) PAID £55.00
  15. Streesleeper (5 nights - Icebreaker Meal x2) PAID £80.00
  16. Loretta (4 nights - 3 x breakfast on 31st, 3 x Brunch on 1st and 3 Icebreakers.) PAID £131.00
  17. Bongobaz (5 nights- 2 Adults, 4x Breakfast 2x Brunch) PAID £109.00
  18. 1cup (4 nights- 2 Adults, 4x Breakfast 2x Brunch) PAID £109.00
  19. Hapless Burger (5 nights 2 Adults 1 child - 3 x breakfast on 30th, 3 x breakfast on 31st, 3 Icebreakers.) PAID £124.00
  20. Old Man Down (5 nights- 2 Adults, 2x icebreaker) PAID £80.00
  21. Cliveandann (3 nights - 2 adults Breakfast x 4, Brunch x 2, and Icebreaker Meal x2) PAID £103.00
  22. Roadroamer (5 nights - 2 adults no other food) PAID £70.00
  23. MaryMary (3 nights brunch) PAID £45.50
  24. Helsque (5 nights Brunch) PAID £61.50
  25. Allen (5 nights) PAID £55.00
  26. Greengrass( 5 nights 2 buffets, 2 brunch's) PAID £93.00
  27. Caz (5 nights, plus Icebreaker) PAID £60.00
  28. MykCamper (1 adult - 5 nights - 1 icebreaker - brunch 1st ) PAID £66.50
  29. Benylin (3 nights - 2 Adults) PAID £54
  30. KungFuSue (4 nights - breakfast 31st, 1st)
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Sorry to be making such a hash of this Phil but could you also put two of us down for the ice breaker.. I know that I have asked for the car park but just wanted to point out that my van weighs 4.25tons ULW Not sure if that makes any differance ??

Geeky Philip


Sorry to be making such a hash of this Phil but could you also put two of us down for the ice breaker.. I know that I have asked for the car park but just wanted to point out that my van weighs 4.25tons ULW Not sure if that makes any differance ??
It is not a problem with weight unless you are 5000kg+ but there is not enough length for tag axles on the car park.


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I'd like to come for the full 5 nights please. Just one person.
Can I book breakfast/brunch at a later date?

Thanks in advance. X


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Hello Phil,
Could you please put Ann & myself on the list for 5 nights and 2 x ice breaker, please?


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