[FULL] Wills O Nats Country Pub, Holmfirth, Thursday October 20th - Tuesday October 25th 2022

[FULL] Wills O Nats Country Pub, Holmfirth, Thursday October 20th - Tuesday October 25th 2022
Posted by jeffmossy
Wills O Nats Country pub , Holmfirth
Thursday, October 20, 2022 - 10:00 AM
Until: Tuesday, October 25, 2022 - 11:00 PM
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Rally Organiser

If you are attending this meet, YOU MUST ORDER YOUR FOOD BEFORE FRIDAY 14th OCTOBER, if you have not ordered your food by this date then I will presume that you will not be attending and you will be taken off the attendance list

If you are on the list below, then you are definitely down to attend, make sure you order your food

This is a member Gathering NOT an official Rally, it is a group of members meeting together.

I have booked a long weekend at the Wills O Natts public house, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. The pub is very cosy and has a great food and drink menu. We can have vans on hard standing, and on the grass field subject to ground conditions,

There is water available but please only use what you are going to need. we will also have access to toilets during the pub opening hours and an elsan point for those who need to empty their toilet cassette.

YOU MUST USE THE PUB, and have the Saturday evening meal.

I will organize a meal for Saturday night at 18.30 pm, I will post the menu at a later date and take your order. The pub is also dog friendly. If you want to attend, please put your name down on this thread only

This meet will be a combination of grass and hardstanding pitches, ground conditions and weather will be monitored just before the event, if the weather is bad and the field cannot be used then we will be on hardstanding
and parked close to each other, and if the conditions are fine then we will have a total of 31 vans, some on the field and some on hardstanding. WE will decide who is going where, if you are not happy with this then please do not put your name down for this event

Dogs on leads are allowed and also welcome in the pub, but not in the restaurant. ALL dog mess must be cleaned up

Sorry NO firepits are allowed

Generators are allowed on the field only

For those of you who don't know, Holmfirth is where The Last Of The Sumer wine was filmed

Blackmoorfoot Road
West Yorkshire
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Rally Organiser

[FULL] List of attendees

If your name is on the list below, then you are down to attend, all names are now confirmed and ok to turn up. Please make sure your food is ordered

1 Jeffmossy FOOD Ordered *
2 Richardspencer FOOD ORDERED*
3 hayhiker FOOD Ordered *
4 Patnlorewatson FOOD ORDERED*
5 Burstner Boy FOOD Ordered *
6 Benylin FOOD Ordered *
7 Livotlout FOOD ORDERED
Grass Pitch *
8 JohnDoris FOOD Ordered *
9 FERENZA FOOD Ordered *
Grass Pitch*
11 The Griffos FOOD ORDERED Grass Pitch
12 Molly 3 FOOD Ordered *
13 KEEFY G FOOD Ordered *
14 RugbyKen FOOD Ordered *
15 Nomad-Notmad FOOD ORDERED
Grass Pitch
18 Undertaker FOOD ORDERED *
20 Johnnyboy FOOD ORDERED, *
21 horace FOOD Ordered *
Grass Pitch
23 Billieblue FOOD ODERED Grass Pitch
24 SquirrellCook FOOD ORDERED *
Grass Pitch *
26 earbymick FOOD ORDERED Grass Pitch *
27 JoyZigzag FOOD ODERED Grass Pitch *
28 Trev-e-Luz FOOD ORDERED Grass Pitch*
30.BikerDave129 FOOD ORDERED Grass Pitch*
31 alwaysared FOOD ORDERED Grass Pitch ????*
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