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After a long time 11/11/19 just fitted system. where do you set auto regulator, at each bottle or down to fill point, turn bottles off while filling?
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Having looked at your November 2019 posting, I think you are asking about the Mopeka Bluetooth gas bottle contents-level checking system.

A manual for the Mopeka system can be found here

Gaslow used to instruct that the outlet-valve of their user-refillable bottles should always be turned off before refilling, but I believe no longer insists that that procedure be followed. There is plenty of motorhome forum discussion about this (example here)

You’ll see that some people religiously turn off the gas bottle’s outlet-valve off prior to refilling while others do not bother, and fixed gas tanks are very rarely turned off. If a bottle’s outlet-valve is left open during refilling, there is a risk that the gas regulator and/or any changeover device ‘downstream’ of the bottle might be damaged, but the chances of this happening must be pretty small. Best practice would be to turn off the outlet valves, but it’s up to you. (If you ask GAS-IT they are likely to tell you that turning off the valve is unnecessary, but a Wise Virgin would still do it ;) )