Grey waste


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I have for when parked on grass a bucket with several holes drilled in the bottom I then either put some dried grass or a JCloth type thing in the bottom I leave the drain tap slightly open as it trickles out it filters out any food waste and the liquid just soaks away I then dispose of the filter material in the bin it keeps the mosners happy.
A layer of kitchen towel in the bottom of the bucket does the same job, squeeze out and put in bin. When washing up we always wipe all food off dishes with kitchen roll, minimises need for washing up water and detergent and keeps fermentable stuff out of the waste tank and leaves nothing for the rats when it’s dumped. To be really good use eco wash up liquid.


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When dealing with GwayGwaste I always find somewhere to dump it usually on grass or to bushes. Sometimes I bring it home but noe large amounts that would build up on a long trip Too much weight for no reason to carry iy around Never drop int on the road at all as It in not safety for others. drains are a good place but the goody goodys are always up in arms. Some sites ask for it to be dropped around their trees especially in a dry summer. It is after all only water with washing up liquid, that goes down the drain at home along with the Black waste.


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Just be aware that not all surface water drains connect to the mains. On Exmouth seafront the drains empty onto the beach which is why people get frustrated with Motorhomers that discharge onto the road.


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When washing up we always wipe all food off dishes with kitchen roll, minimises need for washing up water and detergent and keeps fermentable stuff out of the waste tank and leaves nothing for the rats when it’s dumped.
We have a dog that provides this function. (Oh, Horror!!)

[QUOTE="Barge1914, post: 107569, member: 163"To be really good use eco wash up liquid.[/QUOTE]

We take a bottle of Ecover liquid with us, and Ecover laundry liquid and use Elsan Organic in the toilet, which, since we don't "wild" for more than a few days is always emptied on a site.


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..... and then of course there is the old ‘grass in a bag trick’.
Very similar to Annie’s method, except instead of carrying a bucket around, you simply use a carrier bag with a small hole in the bottom. Stuff with grass, tie to outlet and crack open the drain valve.
Grey water will filter through the grass, and clean water will drip out onto the grass below.
Bag onto bonfire or into dustbin and away you go!


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What are the views on grey waste disposal if your not on an official site. Not a problem I have but a friend of mine is a newbie and asked the question. Is it ok to drain into a roadside drain?
Thanks in advance
I use this and think it’s O. K. I also use colourless perfume free soap etc to minimise any problem.



I have big bags which i have round my wast with a tap and pipe running down my leg,when i go for a walk along the prom i just open the tap and behind me i hear folk saying,o my goodness there goes another old camper driver ready for the old folks home.
Jobby Pants........remember Billy Connolly?........Makes me laugh every time i see it.


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Joe public sees liquid coming of a motorhome and instantly thinks ............................... must be shyte, dirty barstewards.[/QUOTE]
I have say I was Joe Public and I never once thought that it was shyte running out. I thought it was water


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I was in Austria and about to climb high. I decided to drop some of my fresh to reduce weight, and a couple walking past gave me a hard look.

I told them it was fresh and why, and we all had a good laugh and parted friends.


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USA RV's use the grey water waste to rinse out the discharge hose after having dumped the waste from the black waste tank. To make use of the grey water with the cassette system, after having emptied the cassette I position it on the ground by the grey water drain so it can receive grey water from the outlet. Two fills of soapy grey water help rinse the cassette before the rest goes down the drain.

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