Halo 57720 Bolt "Ultimate Portable Battery Charger"


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A friend of a friend sadly passed away, and it seems I have been gifted a Halo 57720 Bolt "Ultimate Portable Charger" FOC.

The reason was although I can generally get most cars going, a friend thought it might be handy to charge up and simply leave it under my kitCar tonneau cover out of sight.

I've read the reviews and they are generally positive.

Has anyone here actually used one please, or is it a complete waste of space?

(If anyone has used one and likes it, I could pop it in the camper for a potential emergency start).
Thanks for your kind reply and that gives me more confidence, particularly as I now see that both units have a similar look and feel.

I'll use it on my KitCar the next time I crank it up, just to see what happens. 🙂