Height barriers again grrr...


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We arrived at the beach in Glenelg last night to find 6 feet height barriers preventing access. I know this particular site had been looking untidy and abused lately so I was not entirely surprised but still disappointed to see the barriers.
They appear to be replacing those yellow " no overnight camping" signs we used to see all over the highlands and are not as easy to ignore...
K :(


Not surprising really. If only people parked rather than camped, lighting fires, chairs out and generators running these restrictions would not happen. As it is I think they will only become more prevalent.
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Sledgehammer tactics..
Understandable to prevent overnighting but impinges on day usage.
IMO the prevention of day-time parking is rank discrimination but how might it be challenged.

I suggest travellers could challenge it very successfully with an angle grinder or the like !

We wanted to park-up for a cuppa and a walk at a Wild-life and boardwalk car-park
ONLY to find a height barrier after we had turned into the approach road.

So Nida has to get out and stop traffic for me to reverse onto the highway.

Grrrr Grrr Grrr

Ignoring the overnighting issue these height barriers are both potentially illegal and downright hazardous..
If it is dark you might easily smash into one through no real fault of the driver.


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I disagree blame the councils or whoever authorised the action..A but like a teacher punishing the whole class because of 1 miscreant.


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And by the way the car park above the ferry landing at Glenelg is having a visitor centre or suchlike being built on it so no go there either
Ratagan pass was our saviour.
K ;)

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