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Millie Master

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Hello one and all;

I have been lurking around for quite some time but finally decided to press the button and join and just as soon I have persuaded the controller of the purse strings, I will become a fully paid up member!!

I was a "tugger" for getting on for 30 years and always thought that owning/running a motorhome would seriously limit our freedom of movement, however when I started seeing a few self built panel van conversions as well as a whole host of professionally converted panel vans, I/we thought that we fancied a bash of that, so off we went and bought a battered and generally un-loved Renault Master which we then spent 5 fantastic and totally fulfilling months converting.
We then headed off to various locations both far and wide with our intention being that if we loved the life we would sell 'Millie' and buy either a new or very nearly new van to undertake another conversion................. But we love our dear old girl so very much that we decided to carry on with her and instead buy ourselves one hell of a lot of drink instead!!

All the best

Millie Master

Millie Master

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Hi & welcome to the forum.

Would you by any chance be Phil (with 1xL) if so, then nice to see you on here!

Phill (wth 2xL's)
Yes Phill it is I with the one L.

After so many years with my beloved four legged friend acting as my front I thought it was time for a change in identity most especially after what happened to both Squiff and myself!!

Just as soon as I become a full member I will be putting up a new avatar which reflects the Millie Master name.

Great to see you around.


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I think that at the moment you can join the sister site wildcamping & get free membership of motorhomer until Jan next year?
You may have to have been a member of WC for a certain time before applying but not sure.



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Hello Welcome. We have a converted renault Master ambulance & love it. The folks are so friendly & very helpful if we have a problem with 'Flossie'. ;)

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