Hereford Rally 19th - 24th October 2023

Hereford Rally 19th - 24th October 2023
Posted by Lee
Hereford Rowing Club
Thursday, October 19, 2023 - 12:00 PM
Until: Tuesday, October 24, 2023 - 12:00 PM
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The sun is going down on my last day at Hereford, thanks to the Laird and his merry men I've had a really great time, woody has enjoyed the walks, so many to enjoy, shops everywhere. I'll be back for the New Year.
Big thanks to the organisers for making these things happen and run smoothly.
Had a wonderful time in great company.
Added bonus was the pool afternoon listening to Tommy doing his DJ stuff👍
Thanks also to all the people who know about van electrics for for helping sort out the problem.
Had a good time at the ENGLISH Meet :) (saying it like that as never been to a Motorhomer on over the border before :) ) . Sure it won't be the last one and thanks to young Gordon and little Lee (Gordon!!!) for the organisation (y)

Glad I brought and used the grip mats as I suspect the front might had sunk in a bit without them in this weather

Sinking Feeling
by David, on Flickr

Home this evening and just 20 miles short of a 1,000 mile round trip. At least the cat seemed to miss me!

by David, on Flickr
Arrived back home around 19*30 this evening was dragging my heels to come away from hereford as it's been a great meeting and great weather when I passed tewksbury and saw the flooding in fields etc
sorry got sidetracked with a phone call can I take this opportunity to thank all who attended this meeting and made it a success with all the hard organising Linda and Lee put into to securing the
everyone appeared to have a great time and mixed thanks Lee/ Linda and Phil for everything
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