Ipad or tablet or just phone. What do you mostly use yours for?

The laird

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I phone for calls,emails,texting and we have a family chat site
iPad for this,wilding,other sites and mail page for all news home and abroad,they both go in truck,van and basically everywhere I go


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I use a laptop, an android phone and an ipad... all of them interchangeable for anything and everything and I couldn't be without them.
One brilliant thing I've recently put on my phone is a digital app my local library uses, so I can borrow audio books to keep me company when driving. I know audible does the same thing but it's expensive and limits you to 1 book a month, so three cheers for the good old library (y)
It never occured to me I could download Ebooks via my local library. Guess where I'm going this week :) . I do like freebies.
Thanks Jen and others.


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Some library’s do books, audiobooks and magazines. You do not always have to physically go to the library itself to join but can join on line, this means you can join any one in the country that offers this facility. Bedfordshire is one of these and uses the app RBDidital so you can have BorrowBox and RBDigital logged into two different libraries at once and have a greater choice


I joined online as well and Horsham Library also uses RBDigital. I was a member for years but they've changed the system since I last used it, so I had to rejoin. I think I need to look at BorrowBox too because so many of the books I'd like have a waiting list (y)


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That’s why having 2 different apps is good, helps with the waiting lists. I have Hertfordshire logged on my phone with BorrowBox and Cambridgeshire BorrowBox on the iPad. RBDigital with Bedfordshire. I had amassed a collection of about 500gb of audio books until my husband decided to allow the computer they were stored on to wipe the lot


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I'm rather old school when it comes to games on the IPad. The game I really like to play is RISK.
What games do you like to play?


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Phone is used as internet tether if vodaphone signal better than three. Use it mostly as phone. Tablet, Fire 10, is used for most of the other functions and apps as Silverweed. We do use the tablet for watching TV, streaming films as it has a reasonable screen. Use the phone for internet searching stuff when tablet is charging but prefer the bigger screen. Don't take the laptop with us anymore as we found we weren't really using it since we got a bigger tablet. Use it lots at home still.
The library ebooks are brilliant....but mainly use them on an old tablet with headphones.