Jacks and wheel brace .road side repairs

Mr and Mrs Tupcox

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After getting my first puncture in 20 years of owning a camper vans, I've got to say the jacks and wheel brace supplied by manufacture are total crap .
Need invest in some good kit.
Jack .
Wheel brace. With good extension bar.
And something to help puting on tyre lever. ..


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1/2 drive breaker bar with suitable size impact socket , is first item , to be used to loosen , and this can also be used to lift wheel to refit. If bolt type fixings , get hold of a long bolt of same thread size as wheel bolts , and remove head , this can then be hand screwed into top hole , and used as guide to slide wheel onto hub , and then fit securing bolts , later removed by hand . Rather than a bottle jack a small trolley jack and a length of
1/2 to 5/8th ply twice width of jack wheels makes the job a lot easier . JMHO :)