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Some things I've noticed that might sound like stereotypes, but I seem to notice again and again...

If a car is being driven like a knob, it's usually an Audi or BMW.

If someone is walking along and eating at the same time, they are usually 'chubby'

If someone is walking along glued to a phone screen, it'll be a woman.

Men under the age of 30 now have no idea about car mechanics or DIY.

People on the street in big cities (London, New York) have been far more helpful than the press will have you believe.

Technology will usually fail at the most inappropriate time.

Sale prices are never cheap.

There will always be someone who doesn't like what you type on the internet.

Any more?
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Steve you appear to be old before your time.
Have you also found that the world has deteriorated into a place where things aren't done with common sense and the phrase ' it's not fair' is used far to frequently.
I hope you can't relate to the above but if you can you must be mentally as old as me.


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If you have a dog, it will cr@p on the pavement in town the only time you don’t have a poo bag with you.
Someone will ring the doorbell as soon as you settle down on the toilet.
The only time the bus is early will be the day you get to the bus stop at exactly the time it should be there.

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