Looking for a 120w rigid mono solar panel…..best places??

I buy mine from Ebay.de the rules in Germany are better than the UK I think, postage is about the same if you search around.
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I recently fitted two ecoworthy 120 panels available on ebay and amazon paid £60 each on offer, very happy with them.
For a one off panel I would suggest Amazon as well. And the Ecoworthy panels are decent panels at usually a very good price.
For mounting on a van roof, I would suggest looking at the "Z brackets" rather than the long plastic moulded brackets. More suited and flexible to a van roof that has ribs and curves in the wrong place.

Free postage

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Free? You think? You are paying for the postage in the product price :)
Free? You think? You are paying for the postage in the product price :)
Yes of course, I meant it's not added on because it's a UK delivery, it's looking like it's not the cheapest option anymore too.
If I get a rigid panel to replace the flexible that’s on there atm does the flexible need removing or can it stay put? Will it attach to the cross bars on the roof bars?
I don't think you need to remove the stick on one unless it bothers you, and if you get the right brackets you can fit it where you like, and you can get the fairing you mentioned on ebay.

A better pic of the roof would help.

Dunno if you have one of these for the cable entry through the roof.
The cable entry will be fine and if the new panel is bigger than the old panel I'd leave it there unless it would peel off easily, but depending on the vans paint it may peel some off and depending on the curve of the roof you might be able to use the fairing/bracket on the front and rear, but I'm uncertain whether it will need a mechanical fixing and not just stuck down, more than likely it will, it a bit out of my comfort zone as all mine have been on to a flat roof and never used bars.
thanks Annie…just found a video on the tube where “crab clamps” are used to fix it on, just need to see if I can het them here/UK……