New purchase vtoman 1500

Gordon, you should become one them U Tubers, I mean, you are already half way there 🫢
Nah, he is not a Youtuber. He is making more sense then most of them, plus he is not spending 20 minutes dramatising the situation....

"We had a power outage and the gerbils CPAP machine went off. We didn't know what to do, but then I remembered I was sent this Power Station (see affiliate code in description for 1% off for you and £100 kickback for me) and that saved the day! I powered the whole village and was only down to 98% after a week"
Not interested in a vtoman power bank can anybody see a friendly monsterIMG_5116.jpeg
Bought a vtoman 1500 power bank and just had it delivered today ,goung to kick its back end in hard in the house this week then same again when away
be interesting to see how it performs against my jackory 1000 explorer
@The laird , This might be of interest .... £400 for the 1528Wh (=120AH capacity) auxiliary battery that connects to your main Power Station and will benefit from the same fast charging

I am a bit tempted to get one for mine ....
Further update after one weeks usage at a meeting
used the power pack on air fryer, induction'hob, electric kettle, charged a torch also kept mt iPad and phone charged
charged up a few led pir lights from van cupboards,still had 30% power left in it when leaving rally so over the time I have had this unit I'm very pleased with it,we were going to do a comparison with the bluetti Phil has but unfortunately we couldn't carry this test out
so at present I cannot fault it esp quick recharge to full power
hope to try it out again off grid before the year end and will try n update then
Interesting, I was debating adding more batteries to our vehicle or getting a power bank. After much deliberation I decided to go for the latter and so we got one of these pretty heavily discounted in the Black Friday sales direct from Anker plus 2 x 200W Anker Solar panels for maybe around £200, which isn't too bad at all
The main reason for the decision on Power Bank over Batteries was flexibility and also we can use it to charge the Bus as it's logistically tricky to get the vehicle close to a 240V Supply for topping up the batteries in the UK's dark Winter months where we currently live.
This is what arrived today (waiting on delivery of the solar panels)
I weakened today. Bought a 2.2Kw genny so I can run both my 30a chargers together. Was a Black Friday deal, Hyundai again and £380 sale price.

Sorry I couldn’t resist but it is true 😁
Bad description. 4 different models there but they are not describing them individually.
It is very misleading as it does look like the one the OP has purchased don't know whether to risk it !!!!!!
It is very misleading as it does look like the one the OP has purchased don't know whether to risk it !!!!!!
There is no risk. Choose from the pulldown whichever of the 4 you want and that is what you will get for the money quoted.

What you will NOT get is the one Gordon has unless that is the one you select and at the highest price as that is the top model currently.
Gordon is going for the new version Anker, new version name starts with a W. Corporate logo “”🤌”” 😁

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