New requirements for rallies.



Going forward, we will require members to provide their vehicle registration number and a mobile contact number if they wish to book rallies. These details will only be available to rally organisers and me. No one else will be able to see your details.

We have just had to make changes to the Hereford rally, and it has not been easy to contact all the members to let them know. If we had a contact phone number, we could have rung them if they had not responded to our private messages and emails. We can also contact members if they have not arrived at a rally when planned; if they are stuck in traffic, we may need to arrange for a steward to book them in late.

We want the vehicle registration numbers to match a vehicle with a member if there is an urgent reason at a rally.

Please click on the link below to add details to your preferences.



If you have any questions, please ask.
Done. Just to be clear, are the details only available to those actually down as “Rally Organiser” under their avatar?
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