New Year’s Eve


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brilliant......looks like everyone was in good spirits.........impressed with the fancy is everyone this morning.....any hangovers................has a roll call been done..........mmany thanks for putting these pic on here....


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Looks like everyone had a good time could I have names with the faces? No hangovers at all Annie?? Love the photos


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Bit tired today for some reason.
Lovely to meet many new people, and we now have the issue of mapping faces to costumes to real names and usernames! And not got very far.
This was us, so a wave and hello to all, and we'll certainly be along to another meet at some point soon.
Ryan & Mel (us!)
(apologies for the least flattering photo on the thread lol)

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It appears you have managed to capture a couple of dick heads.
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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