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I have just received a 22" Ferguson/ Cello, same company make both in the UK, not had chance to fit it yet, but glowing reviews made my decision easy,. certainly good value with every facility for people on the move !!
I've just swapped our Hitachi 19" for a
Cello ZRTG0242 Traveller 12 Volt 24"

Great picture (sound isn't best BUT I use a Bluetooth speaker anyway)
And having apps on it (netflix/amazon prime video/deezer etc) makes it cover all bases for dark winter evenings....
Last TV had a, built in dvd player which this doesn't BUT we rarely played dvds anyway.

Just ordered another aerial (status 580 long mast)
To hopefully improve reception in some of the areas we've struggled in the past with its ability to telescope upwards above the roof.

Hoping to get it fitted before we head off for 2 weeks on Friday.


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Hi there, I'm based in Manchester too, happy to see you in this group!

Not a tip as such, but you might want to check to see if the forthcoming Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone will affect your motorhome. Any motorhome older than 2016 prob doesn't meet emissions standards and is likely to be hit with a daily £10 charge.

Visit www for the consultation that closes on Wednesday.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! It's a nightmare for me because my little van is my only vehicle, so I'm probably going to have to buy a car as well as run my van because it'll be cheaper than paying the charge or upgrading my van.

Aside from that forthcoming pain, having a van in GM is great! So many wonderful places within an easy drive!