Northern New Year Rally December 28th - 2nd January

Northern New Year Rally December 28th - 2nd January
Posted by jeffmossy
Littleborough Rugby Club , Hollingworth Lake
Saturday, December 28, 2019 - 10:00 AM
Until: Thursday, January 2, 2020 - 01:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Europe/London)

Upcoming dates
All times have been adjusted for the timezone: Europe/London

Start: Saturday, December 28, 2019 - 10:00 AM
End: Thursday, January 2, 2020 - 01:00 PM


Rally Organiser
I Am Pleased To Announce The Northern New Year Rally , December 28th Until January 2nd

The Venue

Littleborough Rugby Union Club
Rakewood Rd
Hollingworth Lake
OL15 0AP

Only 10 minutes from Junction 21, M62 Milnrow

ALL VANS WILL BE PARKED ON HARD STANDING . There is enough room for 35 vans and we will be parked around the front , side and rear of the club house

We have secured the club house and function room from 28th December until 2nd of January and we have got the entire club house during the DAYTIME and also EVENING exclusively for our group for the duration of our rally

We have access to Showers , Toilets , Elsan Point , and Fresh Water . The club will be open every day from 9.30 am until 10.30pm up until the 2nd January ( The main function room will close on the 31st at 12.00pm to prepare the function room for the evening entertainment )

Hollingworth Lake is 5 minutes walk from the venue and this has cafes and bars situated around its shores . it will take you about 1 hour and 20 minutes to walk around the Lake , also there are lots and lots of public footpath close to the venue if you prefer to venture into the Pennines .
It is about a 30 minutes walk into Littleborough Village Centre were you will find a supermarket and plenty of shops

Tea and Coffee
We will be supplying Tea and Coffee from 10.00 until 16.00 each day , please bring your own cups ( The bar will not be open until new years eve but you are welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks all day and evening )

Leisure Battery Charging Points

We will have 4 leisure battery charging points available from 10am until 18.00pm , there will be no extra charge to use this facility but they will have to be booked 24 hours in advance and will be limited to 4 hours use per booking .If you book to use the charging point you will have to move your van to the side of the building were the charging points will be allocated. Disabled and people with a medical condition will be able to use them from 18.00pm until we close the club at 22.30pm . IMPORTANT the charging points will only be battery charging points and under no circumstances should they be used for heating or other uses , they will only be 5 AMP and you will blow the fuse if you use anything else other than your battery charger

Generators can be used at this rally within our guidelines. link to terms . If you are going to use a generator please make me aware of this when booking . All vans that will be using Generators will be allocated to the far rear car park away from the building and other vans that don't want to listen to them running


It is your dogs holiday as well as yours . Dogs are very welcome to join the rally and they are also allowed to join us in the club house during the day and evening ( but not the snug room ). If you bring your dog inside the club it must be on a leash
ALL DOG MESS must be cleaned up

Whats Going On ?

December 28th 20..00 - 22.30 pm

This will be the ice breaker evening. I will be doing a short health and safety briefing at 20.00 , then the rest of the evening is for us to relax and chat. There will be light background music . Please bring your own drinks and snacks

December 29th 20.00 - 22.30 pm

This will be a Quiz night ( More details later ) . Also light background music . Please bring your own drinks and snacks

December 30th 20.00 - 22.30 pm


December 31st

The club function room will be open from 9.30am until noon then it will be closed so it can be prepared for the evening . The snug room will be open from 9.30 until 16.00pm

The BIG Party

In the main function room , also the snug room will be open( this is connected to the function room , if you want a quieter evening to chat ), Doors open at 19.00pm

The bar will be open for us 19.00pm until late , please bring your own food and snacks for the evening

On stage at 20.00 pm I am very pleased to announce I have secured a very popular singer to entertain us throughout the evening , so don't forget to bring your dancing shoes

The singer will entertain us until 23.00pm , then there will be party music playing until finish

How Much Will It Cost ?

Overnight camping fees are £9.00 per unit per night .

There is a one off fee of £20 per person , this is for cost towards the hire of the building for 5 days, plus the singer for the new years eve , and tea and coffee during the daytime , I think we have got a really good deal . Children under 16 are free

If you want to attend Please post in this thread letting me know how many nights you are attending and also how many adults

How Do I Pay ?

Payment can be made via Pay Pal or you can pay me cash if you see me before the event
Here is the Pay Pal Link

Please make sure that you DO NOT tick the box that says "Paying for goods and services". If you do then I will reject the payment.
Before submitting the payment, click "Add note" and enter your forum username. Make sure that you post in this thread stating how many nights, how many adults
If you want to attend and cant process any of these payment options , please send me a private message
I will put " PAID" at the side of your name when I receive payment

Can I Help Out In Any Way With The Rally ?

This is a community event and I have kept the cost as low as possible , this means we have to look after the club inside and outside ourselves . I would welcome any assistance in helping out cleaning the toilets and showers also keeping the inside and outside of the building free of rubbish . Please let me know if you want to help when you put your name down to attend

The Team

For your safety and comfort there will be 4 stewards attending , Jeffmossy , Lorraine , Sue and David ( Yorkslass ) and Gordon ( The Laird ) . These have kindly given up their time to make this rally memorable , please resect them and show them your appreciation . Also a massive thank you for all who have agreed to help out at the meet . Lorraine and Sue will allocate task for each day

Have you got a Question ?

Any questions or special request should be directed at me either on this thread or by private message

We are really looking forward to this rally and regardless of if you are single or a couple or it would be your first rally ,we would love to see you and you will be made more than welcome . Jeff & Lorraine
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Rally Organiser
List of attendees

  1. Jeffmossy
  2. Lorraine Steward
  3. Yorkslass Steward
  4. The Laird Steward
  5. FERENZA 5 Nights
  6. Slider 5 Night
  7. JohnDoris 5 Nights
  8. Kimbowbill 5 Nights
  9. Chris 1701 5 Nights
  10. Molly 3 5 Nights
  11. Jilyhug 5 Nights
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The laird

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Jeff could you put my name down and will confirm ASAP as to how long for ,sounds a great venue and this could be an ideal place for our Scottish contingent to make it a joint NEW YEAR GET TOGETHER IF THAT SOUNDS OK
will ask our attendees at the next meeting regarding this
Regards g


Rally Organiser
Jeff could you put my name down and will confirm ASAP as to how long for ,sounds a great venue and this could be an ideal place for our Scottish contingent to make it a joint NEW YEAR GET TOGETHER IF THAT SOUNDS OK
will ask our attendees at the next meeting regarding this
Regards g
A Genuine Gent Gordon and it will be a pleasure to have you and also all our Scottish friends . I have put you on the list buddy
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