Ordering more shirts and other bits


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I am putting in an order for some more Motorhomer polo shirts. If you would like to order some for delivery to the rallies then please let me know in this thread. I would also suggest that you order a size larger than you are as they are a little on the small size. Black and grey look the best.

There will also be some full zip hoodies in black which will cost £20.00 each and hats at £6.50 each.

If I owe you any clothes then please let me know so I can add them to the order.


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Hello Phil,
Mrs Sleeper just asked me if Phil is doing a jacket order, if so, she would be very interested. She is XS. Could I have two black polo shirts please in 'chunky', for myself, as well.



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I’d like a couple of the polos and one hoody xxl size two hats Tylor has been after a cuddly toy as well I’ll square up at Henley.


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I'll have a hoody please mate. I'm normally medium, so maybe that should be a large. Cheers.


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any links to photos of the various bits and pieces, Phil?


Can I put in a gentle reminder about our prize penguin from New Year please? :)
I can't find the link to the website either... I know there was a top I really liked :unsure:


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William was quite taken with our green dinosaur... what others do you have available? We're wondering about tops but could we see the list again please


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1,black xxl. 1,Gray xxl. Polo shirts
1, fleece xxl or size to suit.
Please send price so I can get money to you.