Our new little van


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As many of you know, our boy - Tommy has duchenne muscular dystrophy. It's a muscle wasting condition, and he's got to the point where he was really struggling with the steps into our sprinter. So, we've bought something a little bigger with a wheelchair lift....


It was a mobile youth centre, I've kept the lounge area that was fitted and the kitchen sink. For the rest, I've been busy! It already had 2 erberspachers and a massive generator off of the main diesel tank, but no leisure batteries and mostly 240v lighting.

Here is how it sits now, but I've still got plenty to do!


This is from our bed/lounge. Sliding door to kitchen, then door to bathroom, then door to Tommy's room. Looking the other way:


Tommy's room:


In process of fitting the boiler for on-demand hot water. That will be one cupboard, and a wardrobe for his crap on the left.

More to follow...


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Wow !
Brilliant, positive thinking.
We hope you have great times and build happy memories, together.


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Other pics20190115_191937.jpg20190115_191921.jpg

The 3 of us can sit at the table as is, of the bed hinges up towards the cupboards to fit more people.


Both sides of the bathroom. It will all be plastic lined, with a big shower area.


50cm wide household cooker will go in the gap. All of the silver units was a kitchen that was ripped out of a house via EBay. Including integrated fridge with decent freezer compartment:



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I've put in 2 x 230Ah batteries, one 11kg gas-it a ring charger thing. Most of the 240v lights were actually 12v, through transformers. So, cutting the transformers out and feeding direct from LB makes them all work. Sounds easy lol. Today the flue/boiler, the toilet access door etc.....

It never ends lol


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Looks fab,only one thing ,the 230v switch box should not be near the battery in case of gas and a spark from switching,even if the battery is a so called sealed unit,better safe than sorry,more picys as you go ,cheers


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the 230v switch box should not be near the battery
It's an isolation switch for one of the 4 sockets that are fitted to the outside of the truck. All four have one, and it would be a pain in the ass if the fuse blows, so they'll all get changed for a junction box. The MCB/wiring arrangement means it doesn't need a fuse there. And the socket is temporary for my battery charger. That's getting replaced with a proper hard wired one.


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Be careful not to trip over the Unwin rails tho!?
:) The raised ones were chosen over the flush ones as I can just brush the crap out of them. I haven't fitted end caps for the same reason, just cut the ends on an angle. I think we're already used to them, I don't even wear slippers for that 0330 trip to the toilet lol.


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From years of voluntary work with physically disabled folk I know just how much pleasure all your hard work will give your family.

The fastening of wheel clamp tracks through the floor to the chassis is particularly tricky, but I can see from the obvious quality of your build you will already have that covered.

Very well done !!!

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