Post a photo of your motorhome buddy


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Post a photo of your motorhome buddy

Let's see a photo of your motorhome pet.

TIP: Use the paperclip on the right not the camera button. The camera is for photo albums.



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image_98.jpg IMG_20170506_153226945.jpg Here's my travelling mate Domingo De Santa Clara,but as its a mouthful to recall him I usually call him Mingo,or Domingo if he's in trouble..which is often.
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image.jpeg I have loads of lovely pics of Taya but this is the only one it will let me upload.
This is Missy. Rescued from a Greek beach one year ago this week and now happily living in the UK with us.

No longer fits on the dashboard! 20161123_114237.jpg

Just been fiddling with the pic resize button...nice feature!
She loves the campers but doesn't like to actually travel with them
Not really my dog although I did have one just like him, just trying to figure iust how this all works.


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yorkslass;n1193 said:
What's not to believe, he's a Chihuahua. Lol
We had a Chihuahua once Sue. I named her Baskerville.

(Julie called her Petra though)

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