Problem with central locking


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I have a problem with the central locking for the cab on a 2006 Fiat Ducato.

Normally when I press the button on the key fob, both cab doors would lock. What started as an intermittent fault has now become permanent. Now when I press the fob, the lock on the drivers door sets, I can see the passenger door lock try to set but it doesn't and almost immediately the drivers door lock pops up again. I tried locking the doors by manually locking the drivers door with the key but the locks immediately pop up again. However, when I lock the passenger door manually with the key both locks set and stay locked.

Has anyone come across this? I'm not technical or particularly handy, but any suggestions would be welcomed.

Molly 3

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It could be a broken wire in door the harness .the opening and closing of the door fatigue's the wire until it breaks. But try above first .


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It sounds like the lock is trying to work but it thinks the door is open so won't lock, you might need to check the door is closing properly. Has the door seal moved? or the door may need realigning?

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