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From 2019 we are going to have a rally fund. This fund will be to purchase and maintain equipment that we use at our rallies. This will include defibrillators and first aid kits.

In this thread, I am going to post the amount of any funds that are raised at rallies.

Thank you to all the members who donate prizes.
Thanks to those that run raffles, quizzes and other fundraising activities.
And thanks to those who take part and give their money.

17-02-19 | Green Frog Rally | £273 raised


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With regard to purchasing a defibrillator, i decided to get one and contacted two welsh charities who provide these , both offered me a defibrillator for a large donation of £1000

The one offered it with ongoing support , training if required
Also replacement pads and batteries if they are used or expire for ten years

To buy the same defibrillator from St Johns Ambulance was £1750


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We are blessed within our membership with at least one fully trained emergency responder who at an Angelsey meet ran a training course, so many of us now know the basics, but I'm sure that instruction will be ongoing. So, as a member of our group, try not to be too concerned regarding training and use, should one of us decide to fall off our perch at a meet


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A local health charity were saying the other night it costs them about £1250 for one including internet connection for condition alert re batteries pads etc and emergency services connectivity and location awareness, I think don’t quote me. Guess this could be useful for mobile use!!!!
Sounds a fab idea.
Well done.
Can we have raffle prize donation option for this?

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