Roof cleaning


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Seriously though, decent ladder, something soft (pillow, old jumper, foam etc) taped to the back to prevent it scratching the MH and a good mop with hot, soapy water.


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40 grip sandpaper strong beach some battery acid and a power washer should be enough to clean it if you find that you can see the moon and stars after my advice you got the mixture wrong be carful ? soap and water nothing else or you will do damage to seals just soap and water be carful


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Was a ladder but now a scaffolding tower i bought, should have bought one years back, much much much safer.


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Regular cleaning is the answer, not letting any muck build up.
I have used well padded telescopic ladders to get up on top, luckily our present van has a rear ladder as did our first van
Very handy


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I use Fenwicks Motorhome cleaner on a DRY roof. Spray on a smallish area. Leave for a minute or two. Rub it around with a long handled brush. Rinse off. Start at the lowest point of the roof.
I often finish with Demon Shine so the roof stays cleaner for longer.


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I use a Little Giant step ladder to get to the roof, an extending long handled brush, Autoglym car shampoo and a hosepipe.
I wash the roof once a month so never have to worry about the green stuff.

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