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What is the model number and the age of the maps?, the speed limit data is in the maps so if it hasn't got the full data in there it cannot show the correct speed limit, have you updated the maps?, does it show the speed limit OK in the UK?
Updated maps in September , seriously out of date !
Think it showed correct speed limit in UK . Just noticed it in France . Thing is it sometimes shows the correct limit . So not consistent .
Even when showing default limit (31mph) your actual speed indication will go red if you are exceeding the speed limit whether that be 19 mph or whatever .
Don't know what the reputation of these machines is but I do , at times , feel like buying a separate sat nav


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I have just installed the 5.6 software update for the Garmin Camper 760 that claims to improve RV/camper routing - so we'll see! :rolleyes:
It took several attempts to get the updated map to show though. It was on the SD card but the device just could not see it until I did a reset then all was good. As an initial route test I chose a destination that I have experimented with before and this time it did not choose the narrow twisty road over a hill that runs parallel to a dual carriageway, so hopefully for the better. :)
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