Spain with a dog.

Have you actually registered for Barcelona registration. If so, can you tell me how to pay? I have registered but when I click the Euro symbol to pay, it opens a website for a Spanish bank with no payment options. I emailed AMB and they replied with a standard email telling me to do what I have already tried.

EDIT: Their website states you must use Google Chrome. They need to amend this to DO NOT use Chrome. I logged in using Microsoft Edge and the payment form appeared and I was able to pay using credit card.
No, I haven't. Glad that you managed to sort it. I wonder how the web page about payment was translated into English. I have occasionally seen Google Translate miss out a vital "NOT"!
We are off to the Pyrenees and Spain in September. I have read online that dogs are not permitted on public transport. Is this correct? We wanted to visit the sights of Barcelona and Madrid but not sure how to do that if we can't take the dog with us. We would obviously prefer to keep the motorhome outside of the cities as I imagine parking a motorhome would be problematic.
We managed on trams with our little doggy (7kg) sitting in a back pack with the zips pulled up so her head stuck out, and back pack worn as a front pack. An inspector walked past and didn’t say anything. Buses in San Sebastian just didn’t seem to care, but we were refused admission to buses in other cities.