Speed cameras M1 & M25


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Cameras on M25 and the M1 go live on the 5/1/2019 anyone over 70 mph goes to a main hub and instant ticket in post be careful out there.


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Same on the M62 , anyone doing over 70 will get a instant ticket


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Now that they have spent all that money building 'smart’ motorways, they are obviously going to make us pay for them!
Some might compare it to having to make our own sticks to beat ourselves with!

Speeding on motorways is not something I ever have to worry about !
Maybe, a big maybe, i just might threaten it but it would have to be down a long steep hill :eek:


Driving can be such a joy.
Don't forget to watch your speedo and not the road 'said in jest'

Think the 10%+1 was more of a guideline than a rule.
Pity these cameras cannot fine ignorant/arrogant members of the Middle Lane Owners Club.

Pity these cameras cannot fine ignorant/arrogant members of the Middle Lane Owners Club.
Speed isn't the killer, it is the frustration caused by drivers who don't appear to know how to look in their rear view mirrors and keeping promptly to the left as soon as they have passed the vehicle they are overtaking!

So why can't the UK adopt some of the ways of the German traffic monitoring forces who can prosecute people who don't pull over?


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M25 ones have been active for a good while. By May 2017 three of them were already in the Top 10 UK revenue earners, J17 to J18 (3), J5 to Clacket Lane Services (4), and J18 to J17 (6).
M25 ones have been active for a good while. By May 2017 three of them were already in the Top 10 UK revenue earners, J17 to J18 (3), J5 to Clacket Lane Services (4), and J18 to J17 (6).
😂😂 I love the fact that cameras are now in competition with each other 😂😂😂😂


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Yes no more 10% , Apparently the latest cameras are self calibrating so 70 means 70 and lot's of money to be made


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Dorset has no motorways so we are unlikely to win this competition. However the camera vans are active, particularly on temporary speed limits through roadworks. On the A338 they caught 500 in 2 days in November and the roadworks have been reinstated today so I expect them to have another bonanza.
I have a cunning plan so as to not get caught by theses very naughty cameras .................. drive within the relevant speed limit (y)


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This goes around every new year. I'll let you know if/when a ticket comes through me letterbox :p
This is crazy. Just a money making exercise but I would also argue that its dangerous especially with a zero tolerance setting. People will spend half their time concentrating on their speedos instead of looking at the road. I can see a justification for a variable limit in times of congestion and fines for thundering down the outside lane at 80+ in a 50mph restriction but all this will do is likely increase accidents and make a wedge of cash in fines.

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