Starting Motorhoming ?


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Dont panic about the diesel thing,just because europe will stop making in ten years and uk 20 does dont mean they will not be on the rd,yes they will for anything up to 40 years before hitting the scrap yard,by that time most on here will be there to.


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Carpe Diem! Or in modern language "Go for it"! It's always easy for those that have done something to encourage others because they now have the knowledge and experience. However do not take their comments with a pinch of salt. We will all have experienced the bad side of anything we do and on reflection the good will always outway the bad. Even those that have had their MH nicked or invaded soon gird their loins and get back on track. Whilst we can afford it we will continue to MH, 99% of the time using BritStops or Wildcamping, it's been ok for the past 8 years with so many very much enjoyed moments. Do your research, don't fall in love with the first MH you view, listen to answers and keep asking the questions. I am sure that all will be well! Oh and join Motorhomer as a full member (advert over!).



Having had so many responses to my newbie questions, I am joining as a full member at once
Thank you all
Aw that's fab... welcome to the fold (y)


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We certainly agree with hiring a week in a motorhome. It is not a cheap holiday but gives you a good impression of whether you would like it or not. We tried four weeks in quiet different MH and decided to buy an older Hymer of 1992 vintage. Maybe not the smartest of choices but we thoroughly enjoy the times away in her. Meet a lot of friendly people or the others who leave you enjoy your own company if you prefer. No regrets.
Life is too short to wish you had tried the experience when it may no longer be feasible.


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You already stated you wanted to see more of Europe and winter somewhere warm. You won't get a better opportunity than with a motorhome. I have started to winter in southern Spain and seen some of Europe already but am planning some more extensive exploring.

My really top tip is to really think about the size of the motorhome you get. If you only plan on staying at camp sites and want the convienience of a car then think about one that can tow a car. or maybe motorcyles or electric bikes. If like me you like to get right into places of interest then a campervan or panel van might be good. Go to as many shows as you can, visit dealers and ask loads of questions.

Alarm and or tracker are a really good investment if you plan on spending tens of thousands of pounds. Plenty of apps to help find places to stay. One of my favourites park4night


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30 something years ago, I had a Transit based petrol motorhome.
We ended up swapping to caravans until 15 years ago. Then we gave up.
Last year we opted for another motorhome, am I am sure glad we did.
Both have good and bad points but overall, motorhomes win hands down.

Lots of good positive advice in reponse to your original question so don't
dither, dive in. You won't regret it.


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hire one, borrow one, buy a cheaper one to try it out....thats whta I did and never looked back...


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Life is too short and when you're number's up, it's up. @marymary has suggested one of the most popular ideas to date and we do see a lot of our customer that come to us saying that they've tried before they've bought/built.
Do the research and take your time, as you can easily run away with things, but hundreds of thousands of M/Homers can't be wrong!!
The forum's logo says it all "Live your Dreams" ;)

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