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Hi Everyone
This is a warning to all my Friends on Motorhomer, I have received a phone call which left a message in a robotic voice stating they were Sgt Jim Page calling from HMRC and not to ignore this message at cost of serious court proceedings and expense.
This is not the extent of the message but is the gist of it.
Now I know most of you savvy people will just ignore this but to the others this can be very distressing, I’ve searched the No. And this is what others have had. This is definitely a scam.
View this page for 02039849089, Notice the that this web site lists this a Dangerous.
Keep Safe everyone
P.S I have also posted this on Wildcamping.
Best Wishes Tony


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I get lots of calls that seem dodgy. I never give any details name , DOB of credit card details to anyone on the phone. If they are persistent I just ask them to post details to me for consideration. Any official notification would not be done by phone.

Molly 3

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I get lots of calls saying my internet is shutting down .my reply is , but I don't have Internet ,

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