Those damnable and dangerous mobile phones!!

i used to ride bikes till i got a few kids. when i got a car, i found it extremely easy to drive,you hardly have to think at all ! and you can make lots of minor mistakes that you wouldn't walk away from if you were on a bike
but biking taught me that it's the unexpected that will kill you , and i make a point of having as few distractions as possible while driving ,no radio,little conversation, and certainly no phone - especially when i see how many morons use them while driving a ton or more of metal that could crush me easily !
100% agree with everything you write Nigel. ;)

Talking of morons, my next door neighbours must have one of the worst cases of muchus useus phonus as no matter what time of day they always have their bloody enormous, latest spec i-phones stuck to their bloody ears, it's no wonder that both of their cars have so many dents and scratches!!
I've seen so much bad driving it's unreal.

More often than not, by people who are NOT using a mobile phone.....

I've never understood smoking being allowed by a driver. "I know, let's give people small fires that could end up in their lap while they are in control of a big lump of metal at 70mph" Daft. But the government won't make as much money from fines as they do in tax on cigarettes, so it remains legal. Phones on the other hand...
Forty years ago, in my foolish youthful smoking days, my driving instructor spent time showing me how to light up, smoke and dispose of cigarettes safely whilst keeping my eyes on the road.
Forty years ago, in my foolish youthful smoking days, my driving instructor spent time showing me how to light up, smoke and dispose of cigarettes safely whilst keeping my eyes on the road.
That's good. Maybe we can include how to safety answer a phone in the current training?
I've just passed a couple of HGV drivers this morning with phones stuck to their ears,as supposedly professional drivers they really should know better,plus the added risk of losing license meaning loss of job. I liked the Aussie system of double points for professional drivers,even though I'm one myself I do expect to be more competent behind the wheel than the average driver.

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