Tow Car with 4 doors (& A frame if possible)


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Hello Folks,
Not sure if this is the correct place/section to post this ....
We are looking for a replacement wee tow car. 4 doors is a must. Ideally something that I can with relative ease, lift Donalds dismantled buggy into the boot.
With our old tow car we folded down the back seat, so no necessity for the boot to be big enough for the buggy.
Those that know us, my wee red 'Aggie' - vauxhall Agila, might not get through the MOT next month, but no shame to the wee car.
It would be great if we could get a car with an 'A' frame already on it.
If any of you know of such a car, as near Aberdeenshire as possible, but travel may be considered - depends on lockdown restrictions & how I personally feel about travelling out & about. Lol.
Thank you in advance. 😘


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We used to pull a Fiat Panda, is 4 door , rear seats fold down and large lift up tailgate, had it around UK , over to Spain and into Croatia, luckily never stopped in Spain though !
But was worried about it so sold A frame and bought a Brian James trailer to put it on.


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If you like the current car but it won't get through the MOT economically, a possible option could be a Suzuki Wagon R?
As you likely know, the Vauxhall Agila is a Suzuki in disguise and the Wagon R was I think I much more commonly bought option so the choice of used may be much greater than the rarer Agila and I would imagine the A-Frame kit on the car would be pretty easily transferrable?