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A big end failure is a rare thing these days , usually caused by a big right foot . you little girl racer . I would love to see a photo of your big end
Running a engine hard will do it good,its the dilly dallys that cause probs as the dirt and crap does not get cleaned as the oil detergents never get hot to do there job and blocked with sludge oil gallerys is what does b/ends in .

Molly 3

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Running a engine hard will do it good,its the dilly dallys that cause probs as the dirt and crap does not get cleaned as the oil detergents never get hot to do there job and blocked with sludge oil gallerys is what does b/ends in .
Campervanannie. Van is never stood long enough to get cold .?


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Only just found this thread. So sorry to read that the engine has blown. Wow!
Out of interest how many miles on the clock.
Hope all gets fixed speedily.
Cheers. David


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Come on Annie init time for an update ?????the suspence is killing me
No update as yet the guy said 3/4 weeks as they are really busy I drove past yesterday and could see through the doors that the engine was out but I don’t want to natter the guy while he is performing a delicate operation on my Big Snoopy he will ring when he has news for now I am working on the no news is good news notion , the suspense is killing me too 😂😂

It’s like having a child in hospital 😟😟


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there is an Engine reconditioners in Barnstaple who do a great job if you need to get a quote what engine is it?


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Thanks wildly but the engine is already out and at the reconditioned one that is tried and trusted by the mechanic that I use.
Just seen all this Annie, pain the back side though expect you are resigned by now , hope Its not too long, ours was off the road for ages once waiting for welding, like 6 months and in the end he did it and wouldn’t take any money!! Money well spent but sure you could have done without this :( xx

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