Trigano Tribute 625


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Looking at 2012 Trigano Tribute T625 [8k miles for £29,000] which ticks most boxes, anyone owned or know about these



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I've been looking for nearly a year aswell! I keep missing them by a couple hours lol



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Don’t worry, I looked for 8 years before finding what I wanted!
Me too. There was always something in various possibilities that I couldn't quite get my head around, and so I continued with the reliable van we had learned to trust. It happened successfully for us eventually.
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Thanks to anyone looking but been to see it and doesn't look like want we need.
What is it you’re looking for? Was the Trigano you saw not up to the standard you expected, and you’re looking for another? Or do you want a to buy a pcv conversion from other manufacturers. ? I think there’s only two or three basic layouts available. I think it’s a case of, you pays yer money and takes yer chance.
You’ve got vans like the Tribute at one end of the market , Timberland, Hymer / Globecar at the other. All a question of build quality. You’d probably find they all use the same fridges, heating systems and the like.
If you’d be happy with a fixed bed, rather than a bigger lounge, look for a Adria Twin. I’ve had mine for a little over 15 months,and it’s exceeded my expectations.
Please don’t think that I’m putting any van down, I don’t know enough about stuff to give an opinion


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Thanks for that but it wasn't a pcv, it was an overhead bed - it just felt cramped and dark - my wife wants a bit of space.
We're still looking and will keep on - off to NEC in October so fingers crossed !!


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although i loved the drop down bed concept the reality was that the beds mostly only dropped down 650 not enough room to sit up etc then we found our current van a b544 the bed drops 950 the extra foot makes all the difference ,