Using you phone as a remote for Netflix

Pudsey Bear

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It popped up on the screen the other day and as my TV remote truly pants I tried it and it worked well until last night when I gave up on it, I've just been onto Netflix tech support and it's up and running again :) :)

But I was wondering if there was anything similar for Amazon Prime Video or not? as I can't find anything.

This is a shot of the controls of the remote on the phone.



Aha!! yes you can

You have to then choose the TV (needs to be turned on) and this takes you to another app, then it controls Prime and Netflix.
You could use the Netflix (or other program) on your phone and mirror to the tv, that would give you phone and voice control 👍
The TV has Netflix and Prime buttons already but it's really clunky and sometimes you can press the buttons repeatedly and nothing happens, bit Like Liz really ;) ;)