VPN's and BBC Iplayer and AVG


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I have had mixed success with VPN
October 2017 VPN express worked fine then the usual BBC iplayer message of being not in the UK appeared all the time
I really only want VPN for BBC iplayer
Tried various VPNs October 2018 Same problem
Just tried ExpatVPN..
Initially same problem BUT their helpdesk was good and persistent and confirmed what we know about the BBC and its blocking strategy
(PS I have no qualms as I pay for a licence !)
Now solved..Main problem being AVG antivirus preventing BBC cookies
SO now all seems good so will download the rugby later.
1 use EDGE (this is all I use EDGE for)
2 Turn off antivirus
3 Start VPN service
4 Open edge go to BBC iplayer and accept "new cookies"
5 Download or watch
6 Close Edge and the VPN client
7 RESTART AVG antivirus


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sounds good. would you mind trying speedify again?


Provided you use less than 19gb per month a 3 sim works for the bbc from most places in the world.


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That is good travelling but while we stay in Thailand (as now) I want to use our good broadband link.
With my background minor tinkering is OK
so we pay £15 for the Broadband and an extra £5 for Expat VPN unlimited data

I have been using NordVPN and occasionally iPlayer won’t allow. But by clearing my search history and manually choosing a different server solves the problem.


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I tried NordVPN but with no success..as I posted Expat VPN showed good determination in helping me resolve the problem.
It is likely the failure of NordVPN and VPNexpress were due to antivirus software..
Now happy with ExpatVPN and as we all know (if it ain't broke don't FIxit ..or should it be F*** with it)
I use NordVPN and I like it. However I occasionally got problems with Iplayer, via Chrome, on a Macbook. NordVPN support was very good - in the end they suggested that having multiple tabs open in Chrome was the culprit, and so it proved. For Iplayer I now run a private tab in Chrome, with no other tabs open, and it works a treat. i also sometimes use another browser, so I don't have to shut down all my Chrome tabs. For Windows users I would suggest the same - run Iplayer in a private window, and experiment with different browsers - Firefox etc. If you are on NordVPN - try their chat support - it's pretty good.

None of this applies to phones or tablets - Iplayer works fine with NorVPN on my Iphone and Ipad.

Thailand - I have spent a lot of time in Thailand. Trying to run Iplayer out there is a challenge - quite often it's not down to either Iplayer or the VPN but simply because the Thai internet companies don't have superfast international connections. It always used to work better outside business hours.


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I use EDGE only for BBC. iplayer
All BBC cookies have to be on (Which it seems you can only do when NOT on VPN)
Antivirus OFF
Today I had a problem but resolved by "Cooking the Cookies"
Our connection is good @ 30MB/s
Fibre or good copper at house
Thailand companies are 3BB or True but they are the same !
For Wildebus
Tried Speedify again...No go for BBC
Had problems with bbc with Expat VPN
Somehow BBC cookies were "off"
Now sorted see post #9
Uninstalled speedify ...always wary of 2 items doing the same job........ often causes a conflict