Water pump filler

They are good for water transfer. I don't have a "regular" water inlet since I have permanently "reverse garden hose reel" so, to fill my tank I need some pressure which is fine if you use a tap supply 99% of the time. In case of an emergency where I need to fill from a container, I use one of those to transfer the water.WhatsApp Image 2024-07-08 at 09.41.53.jpeg
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I have used one for a couple of years to pump water from an aqua roll into the mh tank with no problems.
Ditto, although I use it to run the water from a water carrier into the main tank.
I have had a very similar looking one for five years
Use it to fill the main tank from my aqua roll when it’s not possible t get the van nest a tap.

Mines seized once after not being used for a few months but the filter end just pulls off and it just needed freeing up.

They don’t have a great deal of head though couple of feet max