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I use the external ones as internal ones when necessary just put them inside out when using them inside and the sun visor holds them in place at the top and we wedge a cushion at the bottom.
We have a couple of times, used the internal AND external screens. When going through the Pyrenees and it was -15 outside! We use microfiber towels if we think condensation will be an issue, but the karcher generally deals with any really well. The other option is for Dave to stop breathing, but he is so uncooperative!;)


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Yes, We like the Beal site with its views across to Lindisfarne, sadly the restaurant is closed due to lack of staff.🙁


They were shut the week we were there as their chef was isolating but were due to re-open on the 23rd Sept. Presumably you have tried the pub up the road (The Lindisfarne Arms?)...nice food and great service in there. The cafe next to the garage looked good as well but I couldn't persuade Mrs GMJ to have a breakfast in there sadly.


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I get my external screen covers out when I need to get to my telescopic ladder or the Cadac. I promptly put them back in though as I don’t like the closed in feeling they give. Of course everything is different if Caz is with me, we then have to have the screens fitted, chairs and tables out and windbreak. 😂😂😂


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Reminds me we’ve got a Silverscreen for Fiat 2006-14 Ducato in good nick that I never got round to selling. Anyone want it make me an offer, its cluttering up the garage. Meant to bring to Hereford but forgot.

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