What’s your plans this weekend?


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Up up and away! Edinburgh later this week then Netherlands for a while. As soon as we get rid of the family visitors from Guernsey we need to tidy the house, cut the lawns, top the fields then we’re gone!


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West coast of Scotland via Loch Ness for a week with grandson. Going to call at Dores beach and take him visit the Nessie hunter Steve Feltham. Then on to the summer isles for a few days before a slow meander down to Skye via Applecross to visit friends.


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In cromer Norfolk at this moment heading to cl site fri near great Yarmouth for the weekend £9 a night free fishing was there 2 years ago looking forward to it.Hope it doesn't rain or all the fish will be under the foot bridge so they don't get wet


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Currently at St Mère Église (Normandy) had a look round the Airborne Museum and off to Arromanches later, then along more of the landing beaches at the weekend.
We’ve been to the beaches and museums a few times, but this is the first time since loosing our little motorhome buddy, so we can go in the museums together.


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Painting painting & more painting,inside and outside house if it STOPS raining.
Then try and find log burner for redesigned open plan lounge.
New grandson (4months old) arrives next Thursday for almost a week.