What's your job ?


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I know many of you are retired, but for those unfortunate people who still have to work what's your job ?
I'm currently a HGV Driver soon to semi retire


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20 years retired , but I work for my wife now [unpaid ]washing up. hoovering. helping to put clean duvet covers on gardening when home.collecting and cutting and storing wood for the wood burner so we are nice and snug in winter if home, decorating , car maintenance and putting fuel in it, cooking, hee hee, and then there are all the Blue jobs connected with the Motorhome , ie toilet emptying water getting ,making sure gas bottles are full, fueling, washing the van , also some of the Pink jobs in the van seem to be my responsibility too, wouldn't change a thing lovin it as they say. Hee Hee.


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workshop manager 2 years till retirement just bought new van getting ready for retiring and hit with illness awaiting results of various scans
and hope for the best signed off unable to work

Sorry to hear that and hopefully it’ll be good news for you regarding the scans


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I was a plumber and heating engineer and retired 6 years ago, I’ve been motorhoming now for 15 years and just about to sell our motorhome ( deposit put down by prospective buyer).

We are going down a different road now as we’ve bought a static in North Wales.



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Sorry to read about your health worries Rab, hope it all turns out ok for in the future!

As for my job, well I've worked in machine process engineering, farming, structural engineering, building & setting up facilities for overseas executives.

But the best & hardest job I had was bringing up my 2 children, it was the most rewarding but intense 20 years of my life!

I like many others am having some health probs, we have to make the best out of it that we can, but there's always hope!



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Ex NHS Medical Equiment Technical Manager followed by a few years of driving instructing and general building work and now happily retired on my NHS pension. However, also part time grandchild collector and minder, ‘site manager’ for my daughters house rebuilding work, part time dog sitter for other daughter and general all round dogsbody 😂😂


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I was in accounts until 28/6 Just gone, when Jeff finishes this Christmas/new year hopefully where off

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