Where Were You on 9/11?



It’s not often that we can remember exactly what we did 20 years ago, but for most I would imagine they can today. I was at home and spent the day buried in books studying for a sim check. Still remember the first unbelievable reports of it all coming through.

Pudsey Bear

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I had just got home from work and I heard it on the van radio, but before tower two, so I raced in and watched tower two live, I was physically sick.

I am certain it won't be the last of such atrocities as the fanatics don't give a crap who is killed, we are not pristine white if you go back in history.


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I was just getting loaded with a delivery for the army officers college. When I got there i was met by a guy with a loaded SLR and had to be escorted .


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Flew down to London for meeting with some Americans but when the news came through the meeting was cancelled because they all needed to follow the news. So flew straight back up to Aberdeen.


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Browsing an outdoor clothing shop in the Peak District.

So shocked by what we were hearing we drove in silence back to the site.

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I was at home in the garden. My brother phoned from Spain to tell me that a plane had flown into one of the World Trade Center towers - and that it wasn't an accident.
I actually thought he was pulling my leg, but he insisted that I turn on the television here in the UK.
I was obviously shocked but also angry, upset, stunned..............

I think my abiding memory of the remainder of the day is that the news channels broadcast the impacts back to back for hours. Over and over and over again.

Colin 🙂🙂🙂


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We were in Disneyland in Florida. All of a sudden, they announced that the park was closed, and to head for the nearest exit. As we were making our way to the gate, many folk were crying and we heard talk that ‘millions’ of people were dead. It wasn’t until we had driven back to the villa that we were able to watch the news reports, and fully grasp what had happened. We were speechless for hours.
The flight home was an absolute nightmare, we were made to feel as if it were our fault, and most of our luggage was damaged, probably because we weren’t American.

The Griffos

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On a canal boat in the midlands. Was listening to the radio and that idiot Steve Wright said something, and I thought not even he could make such a sick joke. Then I turned on the television.......


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At work ..... the offices had a small kitchen with a tv ........ everyone wandering around the corridors with a glazed, unbelieving look ...


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At work, an American owned aerospace company in UK. Our Owner was over, the conference room became the TV news room and everyone watched in disbelief and horror.
What could you say?
K :(


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Watched it on tv totally shocked. Because the year before I took Christina to New York for her birthday and we stayed in the Hilton hotel right opposite the world trade centre. We went up to the top of one of the towers and had breakfast in the restaurant roughly about the same time the first plane struck. I can’t watch any video or clips of it I still get shivers down my spine thinking about it.


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I was on the Eurostar camping home from Paris. As we exited the tunnel all the phones around us started ringing so I asked another passenger what had happened….we took a taxi across London which was deserted and caught the bus home. Even so I wasn’t prepared for the visual images that I saw on tv.


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Watched it on tv as it happened with our son Malcolm was out when he came back he hadn’t heard anything as he didn’t have the radio on in the car he thought it was a film and when I told him he just couldn’t believe it were totally shocked at what we were seeing happen in front of our eyes


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I was at home, not long returned from a 12 hour Night Shift and getting ready for bed. I stayed up all day.


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I was working in a factory. Someone from the office came down with a print from a news website showing a bit of smoke coming out the side of a tower block. As I grew up around tiny tower blocks of maybe 10 floors, it didn't really click until we found out it was massive airliner and the huge scale. Watched the 2nd one on TV at home. Sheer disbelief really....

Our honeymoon was Florida, the June before.


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Sat on a computer at work, when I excitedly told the guy next to me he replied sarcastically whadda ya think they're gonna do, go to war 😕


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Saying goodbye to our daughter en route to catching the ferry, for our second winter abroad.
We were lunching in a country pub.
She was at uni and had spent the last couple of weeks showing two American friends around London .
She was excited because they'd offered to do the same for her, next summer.
They both had good jobs with different firms in the World Trade Center.
We'd blagged our way into The Windows of the World bar, on the top of one of the towers, when visiting NY previously and were marking her card for her for places to visit.
Our son rang, asking if we had access to aTV ?
The pub didn't have one but another one nearby did.
We saw the first tower burning and then the second hit.
She was in shock and frantically tried to phone her friends, but was unable to get through. They didn't have SMS in the states then.
We stayed with her through the night, without getting through and she insisted that we leave to catch our ferry, next morning.
It was 4 days, before communication was possible.
By a complete miracle, one friend was visiting clients, that day and the other was at the hospital, visiting his mother, who'd been admitted, the night before, with a heart attack.
It was a hard 4 days.
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In Aberdeen airport, watching events unfold on the TV screens as I waited to board a flight to Birmingham. I remember hearing rumours that domestic flights were being cancelled due to crew refusing to fly, which was a bit scary because our flight still went ahead.