Which club is cheaper


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We are members of C&MC but not C&CC, can anyone who is a member of both tell us if one of them is generally cheaper per night than the other or are they about the same on average, thanks


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We find it is much of a muchness. It varies from site to site and by season. We just look for what's available in the area we want to visit, irrespective of club.

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We used to be in both, but hardly used them so my info would be out of date.
I do believe the C&CC will be the lowest price and if a person travels alone you only pay for one person
We are now only in C&CC and as a winter back up


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We just returned from a 3 week trip to Wales and Cornwall and generally we found the C&CC to be more expensive, and often the prices are way over what is quoted in the book. We always ask for the price when booking and if its too much then we decline and go elsewhere. One C&CC CS on the coast overlooking the sea quoted £35/nite, ouch. However there are some areas where there are more C&CC Cs's than CL's and vica versa. With CAMC CL's we found that the 'Member Owned' sites tend to be more expensive. Sometimes we can get a better and cheaper deal on an actual campsite than the CLs, CSs, but need to shop around.


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We are happy in the C&CC.
All much the same.
As posted check price and if it is cheaper without Ehu.
I suggest insurance/ferry benefits are minimal and should not influence your choice. I believe C&CC sites offer a service facility. I do not know about CAMC.


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CC give 25% discount to over 60,s and they,ve got a 25% offer on some sites at the minute. I was in both but dropped the CAMC as they don,t offer the geriatric discount and are therefore more expensive. I also found that in general the CC sites were friendlier and suffered less from OCD.


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CaMC charge a fee for the pitch (which always includes EHU whether you want it or not) and then per person on top. C&CC charge per person, no pitch fee, so work out cheaper if there is only one of you, especially if you get old fogey's discount like me, plus you can have a non-EHU pitch at most sites in summer so you save that charge as well.
For a couple who always have EHU and aren't old fogeys, there may not be much difference.


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C&CC don't charge you pitch fees as well. Caravan and Motorhome club charge you pitch fees (approx £8.00) as well as per person!!


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If cost is your driver then you should use the CL/CSs and I believe the CAMC has many more than the C&CC. We have paid as little as £3.50 for a CAMC CL. Mind you, you dont get much for that ;)
The main club sites are too regimented for our liking, CAMC being probably worse on that score.
K ;)


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It depends....Do you qualify for the Age discount (C&CC), do you go midweek (C&MHC discount), do you use wifi which is now free with the C&CC? They have sites in different parts of the same areas, eg Lake District, so one club's site might, for us, be preferable to the other club's.

Both are member organisations, so no shareholders creaming off the profits. We are in both and consider the subs good value. We have the C&MHC rescue service and buy the C&CC's travel/personal insurance for our trip abroad. At £40 (digital version) the C&CC membership fee is worth it for us.

If the membership fee isn't a problem I'd say give it a go for a year and see how you get on.


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There are a few factors to consider....firstly are you or both 60+ if so the C&CC offer discount, secondly the C&MC offer at some sites 50% discount on midweek stays



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We’ve tried both. Will not be renewing C&CC ... their CS seem to be consistently more expensive than the C&MC CLs. Also couldn’t get a green card for our value motorhome for old Eastern block countries with C&CC, but could with C&MC. A local CL to one of our home bases is a farm on the C&MC, so that suits us too.
However, the specialist group MAS (walking and cycling) has good meets with C&CC, which we had time to avail ourselves of last year. horses for courses.


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CCC have lots of weekend meets and temporary holiday sites during summer which are generally cheap, cheerful and often in interesting places. We tend to pop in & out of these if we’re passing through - typically £8 - 10 per night, but often without facilities. Find CMC stuffy & expensive. We’re in both. Britstops are handy if you’re travelling, especially in south where wild camping can be problematic!


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We are members of both.

My gut feel is that the C&CC are more expensive on standard (i.e. non age related) pitches generally.

A big benefit of being in the C&MC also is that you don't pay a deposit when you book so if your plans do change it's easier to cancel (but don't cancel within 72 hours or they get shirty). The C&CC club chanrge a deposit at time of booking.

One other thing, I recently I tried to book 2 x 1 night stays at the C&CC site in Devizes (en route to and from the south coast) but couldnt as they only do 2 night mins at weekends. I had not come across this before at any C&CC or C&MC site.



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We used to be in both now only with CAMC, we tend to use the CLs and they're cheaper and easier to book through CAMC. Tend to find that C&CC main sites & CSs are pretty expensive.
Also quite a few discount schemes with CAMC, 20% off at Cotswold Outdoor and reductions on National Trust properties for example.


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They are both quite expensive now, but fairly similar ... others have spread out the details, so no need for to expand on that. I am a member of both but use them for 'emergencies' only ... I prefer small sites, so CS/CL where found. I usually use them if it is my first time in an area and I want to explore other possible parking places, so they get a night out of me. What I dislike intensely is the enforced booking of multiple nights. I suppose most of my reason for being a member is that I can get water, toilet disposal and a proper shower when I need them. My van is off-grid capable, so I object to be charged for electrical hookup which I do not need.

Most of my nights are spent in places which welcome motorhomes and charge little or nothing because we support the local area being visited. Pubs are great and I do like eating out if its decent food. Supermarket carparks are possible, but do buy at least a bag of shopping and ASK the manager! I have used rest areas when covering a distance and just want a four hour head-down. In Scotland, some carparks in smaller towns allow motorhomes to park up for free ... Jedburgh which is about an hour south of Edinburgh is a beautiful small historic town well worth a visit, which I regularly use for overnight stops, just pull into the free large carpark ... again its nice to spend some cash locally !

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