Who's Awake

found him Annie...lol
Hope you feel better soon Mr Hippppppster.
Phil is changing peoples status as they join. He's having to do it manually and he is currently still sleeping. Sure it will be updated within the next few hours :)
So glad you have arrived, @oldish hippie .....always look at this thread first on WC, although seldom post on it!
​​​​​Beautiful sunny morning here, the green is finally coming back after the devastating fires in june, even though it is mostly bracken grass and brambles! Oh and the dreaded Eucalyptus are all at least a metre high! Very pretty but such a fire risk. Our UK bolt hole in Suffolk became officially ours yesterday, and we will be travelling back to UK December , stay in it for a few days and decide how to renovate.
Thought I would try and post a photo... IMG_20171114_083259.jpg this morning

Actually seems a bit worse looking at the photo! But I think it's the olives being cut ...oil next week once they have been processed.

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So glad you got here hipster I started a hipster thread until you got here to open a who's awake thread I will ask admin to close it when he has time lol
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Hi Hippy I realize it's a bad time of year for you but it's good to see that your thread is to be carried forward into the new site.
We need some of our past in the future.
I hope you can get out in the near future and be back in the crazy fold we used to call wildcamping.
Evening all especially hippy we've all missed you hope you feel better soon!! Everyone is posting their travel buddy aww I haven't got one!!:Thinking_Face:
Good to see the Who's Awake thread here because I am... awake that is. So tired but just can't sleep :Sleeping:
Loving the new forum but I'm away on holiday in Ireland with friends, so not getting much internet time. I can see I'll have a lot of catching up to do when I get home! Oh and if anyone's got any sunshine to spare, would you send it to the Donegal hills ready for when we get to the cottage there on Thursday... thank you kindly :Thumbs_Up:
Well Hipster I’m wide awake and feeling quite lonely over here sure things will perk up soon.
Morning all here on Motorhomer,busy day ahead,looks like a lovely fresh (sunny) day ahead.
Morning campers it's dry and cool here in Yorkshire weather looking good for the weekend meets.
Afternoon all the sun is shyhere today but a tad chilly!! Hope everyone is well this fine Wednesday!!!
oldish hippy;n689 said:
well here we go onc e again not to good at moment was asked to do this but hey ho feeling like crap but here you are the start of it think should cahnge monker to junior hippyas got junior member status

hope you will soon feel better hippy.....miss your posts
Well thank you so much whoever sent the sunshine... such a pretty day today. We took a ferry from Strangford to Portaferry then drove to Newtownards... all followed by a Chinese takeaway, yummm. There seems to be a lot of food and drink involved in this trip :Ok_Hand_Sign: We've done all the shopping ready for the trip to the cottage in Donegal tomorrow. Lovely sunset in Tesco car park tonight