YouTuber Meetup information for Motorhomer members.

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I have had a few members contact me with questions about this weekend's event at Stratford-upon-Avon racecourse.

This is NOT a Motorhomer rally.

This is not a Motorhomer rally but all of our members are invited to attend. This is a benefit to Motorhomer members.

Why are free members allowed to attend?

The event has been agreed with our insurance company outside of our normal conditions. Attendees are paying an extra £1 per night to cover the cost of the premium. This means that Free Members are allowed to attend this special event.

I want to tell you why this benefits all our members.

Because we are holding this event at Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse we have now secured the same venue for our late Spring Bank Holiday Rally 21st -26th May 2020. This is great news for our members!

The YouTubers who are attending this special event have publicised on their YouTube channels as attendees must become free members to attend. Since the announcement on Saturday, this website has gained hundreds of new members, far more than just those attending the rally.

If you look at the attendee's list you will see that several of the free members have already become full members and hopefully after this event more will decide it is worth the upgrade.

This really is a great arrangement for the people running the event and Everyone wins and nobody has lost anything.
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