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ok, so this is just a little thread to answer a discussion that my Wife and I are having, so any biker knows about the "bikers nod" a little nod of the head to say hellow to a fellow biker on there way past, so over the last weekend while we were away I decided to wave at fellow campervan and motorhome drivers, trying to put a little smile on someones face, even if for a few seconds.

back to the discussion from my Wife and I, as I was waving at other drivers, I suddenly gets a swift slap on the arm, and a sound of discussed saying, "waving at other drivers justr isnt done, you are not on a bike now!"

now me being the stubborn person I am, this just made me do it more ?

so the question to you lovely people is, is waving at other campervan/motorhome drivers a done thing, or is it as my Wife says, "Not the done thing"?


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Yes, I wave, unless I'm distracted about something else by the boss. Driving a panel van conversion I don't always anticipate a reply.

When out in my '74 sports car I always give a wave and always get one in return. Not having a roof, and looking nothing like a modern car, these old vehicles tend to stand out. ?

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We always wave, but it's amazing how few fancy A classer's wave back. Has anyone else noticed this.
I most certainly have, mind you so many owners of fancy 'A' classer's have their noses so high up in the air that I am surprised they can see well enough to drive the blessed things!! Mind you, some of their drivers seats are so far back from the windscreen, that might be the reason as well.


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I gave up initiating the wave. If waved to,I always respond.
Folks not waving falls into many categories, could be,
1, white knuckle syndrome , frightened to let go of the wheel.
2, Why should I wave to a peasant in an inferior van.
3, I’ll never pass a medical with my eyesight, what van?
4 I’m looking at the road ahead, think that’s called tunnel vision.
In case I have upset anyone. The above has been written tongue in cheek, therefore LOL, LOL, ? ? ?
Covering my back ?

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